Items to Consider for Cold Weather Caravan Camping

20 December 2018
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If you own a caravan, then you may have plans to go cold weather camping for a weekend or for an extended time. Though most caravans are outfitted for some mild cold weather conditions, there are some key items that may be missing. This is especially true if you will be cold weather camping for extended times, such as a week or more. If this sounds like your current plan, here are some items that you should consider to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Read More 

6 Caravan Accessories for Dining Al Fresco

21 April 2017
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A caravan can be a marvelous home away from home, but when you're travelling, you certainly don't want to spend all your time inside. In particular, you may want to dine al fresco. A great spot at a nice caravan park can help make that experience more comfortable, but you may also want to bring the following caravan accessories. 1. Awning You can buy great awnings that attach to the side of your caravan, and these are ideal for creating a bit of shade for outdoor dining. Read More 

Choosing the Best Camper Trailer for You and Your Family

19 April 2017
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If you love to camp and are just looking for a lightweight, easy-to-manage trailer for a bit of protection from the elements, you don't necessarily need a full-size caravan; a camper trailer can be the best choice. There are typically three models of camper trailer from which to choose; soft floor, hard floor, and roof tent. Note a few differences between these models so you can determine which would be the best choice for you, or for your entire family. Read More